10 Fantasy Writing Prompts

Photo by Miquel Rossellu00f3 Calafell on Pexels.com

This is a list of 10 fantasy writing prompts. You’re free to use whichever you like (or multiple), and change them to what fits your story!

  1. Write a story including a ring, a greedy dragon, and dwarves. The challenge? Make it nothing like The Hobbit.
  2. Your character was given a quilt from their mother or father. The patches were made of famous Vincent van Gogh paintings. After their parent(s) passed away, the quilt suddenly pulled them into one of the patches on the quilt. Your character finds themself stuck inside van Gogh’s paintings, unable to find a way out.
  3. Your character is the apprentice of a powerful mage. One day, the mage goes missing without any sort of warning.
  4. A young squire at a jousting tournament overhears a conversation he shouldn’t have ever heard.
  5. A princess must go on a journey across kingdoms to find the royal crown that was stolen hundreds of years before she was born.
  6. Two kingdoms are warring over a missing prince. After a bloody battle, the prince appears out of nowhere.
  7. Trees can talk, and they do—so loud that your character wants to move away from their house next to the woods. But when a young sapling warns your character of an evil coming from the forest, your character decides to stay and prepare for whatever’s coming.
  8. A few serfs living in the town below a lord’s manor decide to form a secret society—bent on overtaking the castle.
  9. The unexpected murder of the King and Queen throws the kingdom into havoc. Kidnappings and burglaries take over, but one knight has sworn himself to salvaging the broken kingdom.
  10. Shards of glass and rotting wood blanket the floor of the old chapel.
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

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