5 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, here are a few writing prompts to get in the mood!

  1. A family secret comes out on Thanksgiving during a family reunion.
  2. Your character is frustrated with their parents—they’re all going east for Thanksgiving to see some old family members that they haven’t visited in a while. The trip goes better than expected.
  3. A character who hasn’t had a stable family life goes to their friend’s Thanksgiving feast, and discovers what family is really about.
  4. Three different perspectives on one Thanksgiving feast.
  5. Every year, one character makes the Thanksgiving meal for the entire family. This year, they’re sick, and can’t cook. How does the rest of the family handle the meal, having never cooked it before?

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