10 Halloween Writing Prompts

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

With Halloween coming up, here are 10 writing prompts for the holiday.

  1. 2 best friends follow a mysterious cat into the foggy woods on Halloween night.
  2. A group of friends dresses up and goes trick-or-treating. A night of adventure unfolds, full of romance, drama, and a few scares.
  3. A few teenagers become interested in an old myth surrounding their town and Halloween. Instead of dressing up for Halloween, they go to the town library and try to discover the truth of the town’s so-called “curse”: every Halloween, something terrible happens. In past years, there have been multiple outbreaks of food poising from candy, a series of missing children cases, and strange noises coming from the graveyard. What’s going to happen this year?
  4. In the midst of Halloween celebrations, a group of small-town detectives try to solve an ominous kidnapping.
  5. Write a story about a family of vampires who all have different views on Halloween: some think it’s offensive to their kind, but others enjoy the ability to blend in with the town for a night under the exaggerated disguise of a vampire.
  6. A secret comes out at a school’s annual Halloween dance.
  7. After a long night, a group of friends goes to a diner for an early-morning meal. They find themselves in a conversation with the owner of the diner, who tells them an old ghost story that seems to take them back in time.
  8. At a haunted house sponsored by a town’s high school and run by teenage volunteers, a few students wander off into the house and find someone who isn’t a part of the performance: a scatterbrained psychic. She tells them about each of their bleak futures, and they realize later that their futures all stem out of this Halloween night. Together, they try to sabotage their futures.
  9. On a dare, a girl explores a graveyard by herself on Halloween night and finds something unexpected.
  10. A small town hosts a Halloween festival that everyone shows up to. A group of bored teenagers decide to wreak havoc on it.

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