Balancing School and Writing

While writing is a great hobby to have, it’s also important to establish some boundaries while studying in order to maintain focus. School is ultimately your top priority and writing shouldn’t get in the way of it. Here are a few reminders/tips to help.

School is your #1 priority

As stated in the introduction, school should be the thing you’re focused most on.

Yes, writing is a hobby that allows you to learn outside of a formal education, but that doesn’t mean you should entirely disregard school for it.

Both are important but as a student it’s vital to maintain grades and stay motivated.

It’s okay to take breaks from writing

You don’t need to write every day to be considered a writer—you don’t even need to write every week.

It’s perfectly fine if you take a break from writing if you need it or if your schedule gets overwhelming. You can always come back to your story.

Do homework first and write second

Per the first tip, school is #1! Stay on top of homework and studying. Save the writing for later.

If you’re the type of student who can’t find motivation for school work, try using writing as a motivator: set a timer for homework time, and then (for a shorter period) reward yourself with writing.

Use writing to your advantage, not your disadvantage.

Stick to a writing schedule

Many writers find a writing schedule incredibly helpful.

You could wake up early and write for 30 minutes or write during lunch/passing periods—whatever works best for you. If you carve out specific time for writing every day, it’ll help with your time management overall.

Just remember: if you have a lot of homework/studying to do, always prioritize it. A writing schedule should never get in the way.

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