Writing a Superhero Story

Superhero stories can be fun but also incredibly difficult to write—think Marvel or DC movies but in book format. You need to be able to balance a lot of things: character development, plot, realistic technology/powers, and a believable conflict. Here are the basic elements you need in order to craft a superhero story.

Tropes: to include or to avoid?

Tropes have always been a part of the writing world, but with the introduction of TikTok and the rise of BookTok/Bookstagram, they've become very common, and oftentimes a selling point for a lot of books. People have mixed opinions on their usage; some think they're unoriginal and boring, while others love them. So: should you include tropes or should you avoid them?

How to Write a Cozy Mystery

Masterclass defines a cozy mystery as a story that "embodies the key components of classic mystery novels—suspense, misdirection, intrigue, and some degree of criminality—while eschewing the graphic violence and profanity that is often embedded in pulpier mysteries." It has become a popular sub-genre of many crime novels, and if you're looking to write a more family-friendly mystery it's the perfect way to go.