11 Autumn Writing Prompts

Photo by rikka ameboshi on Pexels.com
  1. Write a scene about riding in a bus to school during autumn.
  2. Your character goes into a corn maze with their friend during a fair, but gets lost while inside.
  3. Your character’s family goes on a trip in Vermont to a horse ranch for a week.
  4. One day, your character goes apple picking with a friend or family member, and discovers something that they’ve never seen before.
  5. It’s a foggy day, and your character decides to go on a walk in the woods.
  6. Describe a windy day at a beach in the fall.
  7. Your character curls up inside of a library with a good book while outside, something dangerous in unfolding.
  8. A strange murder pops up in a small town in Maine.
  9. Your character goes to live with their grandfather in the fall. Turns out, their grandfather has a big, old Victorian house with clocks on all the walls in one of the rooms.
  10. Your character owns a small coffee shop in a town, and every autumn, the same person comes inside to write and drink a cup of coffee. Your character finally works up enough courage to ask them who they are and why them come every fall.
  11. Four boys decide to go on an adventure in their town.

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