21 Ideas for Spooky Settings

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

If you want to write a Halloween-inspired story but don’t know where to have it take place, here are some ideas.

  1. A haunted house
  2. A graveyard
  3. A halloween party
  4. The town hall
  5. A library
  6. A high/middle/elementary school campus
  7. A corn maze/field
  8. A lake or river
  9. A dark forest
  10. An abandoned building
  11. The beach at night
  12. A quaint neighborhood
  13. An old diner
  14. A school/town annual dance
  15. a halloween festival
  16. A pumpkin patch
  17. An old mansion in the woods
  18. A movie theater
  19. The mall
  20. An isolated grocery store
  21. A bakery

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